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The Komnas PGPKT (The National Committee for Prevention & Management of Deafness & Hearing Loss), Perhati-KL (indonesian ORL-HNS Society) and the ENT Department of Udayana Faculty of Medicine Bali, plan to organize The 2nd Sound Hearing 2030 World Congress 2018 with the theme of Sharing & Caring for Sustainable Better Ear & Hearing Care, April 18th-20th, 2018 at The Stones Hotel Bali.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to attend the congress and experience the beauty of the famous Bali island and feel the vibrant atmosphere in a unique and exciting traditional event

The contents of the congress include of various problems, in addition to ear and hearing problems are also diseases of other ENT field that cause ear & hearing disorders including upper respiratory tract diseases such as the United Airway Diseases, including Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Otitis Media, GERD, and others.

Around 800-1000 domestic and international participants are expected to gather at this important event, involving ENT doctors, pediatricians, obstetricians, general practitioners and others. all together in a joint effort to carry out a giant action through Sharing & Caring for Better Ear & Hearing Care to Achieve the goal of Sound Hearing 2030 where all members of the community have optimal hearing in 2030. Thus supporting the government’s goal in creating potential, smart and independent human resources.

This congress promises the best and most updated knowledge transfer in the field of Ear & Hearing Care, that include session of Keynote Speaker, Plenary Sessions, Lunch Symposia, Simposia, RTD, Accepted Paper, Free Paper and Young Researcher’s Award. in addition, some training to improve skills in the form of Workshops, Courses, Otology Office Procedures. Pre & Post congress Seminar & workshop for medical personnel such as general practitioners / doctors of public health (PHC), midwives, nurses and audiologists are also performed, as well as sharing & caring for teachers and parents of deaf children.

Aside from those above, enchanting social and accompanying person program are also arranged to let participants to experience the Balinese cultural, dancing and daily life.

To all sponsors, this great activity will provide a vast opportunity to promote the company’s profile and product nationally and globally to important guests from different countries, ENT-Head & Neck specialists and other related specialists not only in field of ear & hearing but also in about nose, throat and other disorders, as well as audiologists, public health experts and policymakers. in this golden opportunity you can discuss directly with them to improve relationships and networking and increase profitable investment.

This is an important time for us all to come together to learn, share and exchange valuable information in the filed of Ear & Hearing Care, so save the dates in your calendar.


See you in Bali, 18th-20th, April 2018 !!

dr. Damayanti Soetjipto                                     Prof. dr. W. Suardana

The Committee

Steering Committee

Members and Directors of Society for Sound Hearing International :

  1. Dr. Bulantrisna Djelantik (Indonesia)
  2. Dr. Arun Kumar Agarwal (India)
  3. Dr. Suneela Garg (India)
  4. Dr. Donald Bradley Mc Pherson (Hong Kong)
  5. Dr. Abul Hasnat Joarder (Bangladesh)
  6. Dr. Shrivastav Prasad Rakesh (Nepal)
  7. Dr. U Than Sein (Myanmar)
  8. Dr. Ronny Suwento (Indonesia)
  9. Dr. Madan Prasad Upadhyay (India)
  10. Dr. MM Singh (India)
  11. Ms. Shilpi Narang (India)
  12. Dr. Rohit Malhotra (India)

Local Organizing Committee

PATRON Minister of Health Republic of Indonesia
Governor of Bali
HONORARY ADVISOR The Society of Sound Hearing International
Komnas PGPKT (National Committee for Prevention & Management of Deafness & Hearing Loss)
ENT-HNS Dept. Faculty of Medicine Univ. of Udayana
Perhati-KL (Indonesian ORL-HNS Society)
Director P2PTM Kemenkes (Prevention & Controlling Non Communicable Diseases Ministry of Health)
ENT-HNS Dept. Faculty of Medicine Univ. of Indonesia
CHAIRPERSON dr. Damayanti Soetjipto
VICE 1) Prof. dr. Suardana; 2) Prof. Dr. dr. Jenny Bashiruddin
SECRETARY 1) dr. Hably Warganegara; 2) dr. Anggina Diksita; 3) dr. Made Lely R.
TREASURER 1) dr. Sri Susilawati; 2) dr. Eka Dian Safitri; 3) dr. Sari Wulan
EVENT COORDINATOR dr. Hably Warganegara
SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE 1) Dr. dr. Faisa Abiratno; 2) dr. Damayanti S; 3) Prof. Dr. dr. Jenny B ; 4) Dr. dr. Ratna Anggraini; 5) dr. Sucipta; 6) dr. Dian Permatasari; 7) dr. Agus Santosa; 8) dr. Wijana H; 9) dr. Yusa Herwanto
PUBLIC RELATION 1) dr. Andi Saputra; 2) dr. Anggina Diksita; 3) dr. Dian Permatasari; 4) dr. Suanda
FUND RAISING & COURSES 1) dr. Eka Putra S; 2) dr. Harim P; 3) dr. Damayanti S; 4) dr. Sosialisman; 5) Dr. dr. Semiramis Z; 6) dr. Lina Lasminingrum
EXHIBITION & COMPETITION 1) dr. Harim Priyono; 2) Dr. dr. Semiramis Z; 3) Prof.Jenny Bashiruddin; 4) dr.Gde Ardika; 5) dr.Ikhwan
SOCIAL PROGRAM 1) Dr. dr. Bulantrisna; 2) dr. Ratnawati; 3) dr. Adelena Anwar; 4) dr. Dian Permatasari
PUBLICATION 1) Dr. dr. Trijuda Airlangga; 2) Dr. dr. Indra Zachreini; 3) dr. Andi Saputra; 4) Dr. dr. Iwan Setiawan; 5) dr. Anton C; 6) dr. Wiranadha; 7) dr. Dian Permatasari
PRE AND POSTCONGRESS SEMINAR 1) dr. Andi Saputra; 2) dr. Agus Rudi; 3) dr. Suanda



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